Trinity Homeschool Co-op provides help and support to Christian homeschoolers who are raising their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Every Tuesday and Thursday we learn God’s Word, sing hymns, and teach one another whatever the families need and can provide – Latin, history, phonics, chemistry, and so on – for our children’s flourishing.

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Our Homeschool Cooperative puts families first. It's built to supplement at-home learning through biblical, historical, and practical classes. We are parental and Pastorally led, and structured after the Classical Lutheran tradition. Students are given a world-class education rooted in the truth of Christ with subjects ranging from theology to chemistry. Additionally, our all-volunteer teachers are experts in their fields, with years of real world experience and a love of teaching.

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What is classical Lutheran education?

The first “Lutheran” schools were formed to offer a classical education to a broader segment of the population than had ever been offered before that time. Martin Luther and the early reformers urged the local governments to set up schools patterned after the ancient academies of the Greeks and Romans teaching the seven liberal arts of grammar, dialectic (logic), rhetoric, aesthetics (music), empirics (astronomy), mathematics, and geometry. These schools became the model for the famous German “gymnasium” and the English “public schools” that set the standard for excellence in education well into the twentieth century. (Consortium of Classical Lutheran Education - CCLE)


Can I afford a classical Lutheran homeschool?

Our cooperative is affordable, with costs lowering each semester through aggressive grant and fundraising efforts. Because of our incredible volunteer teachers, the education provided is exceptional at the lowest rate of any cooperative in Colorado. Public schools in Colorado average a cost of over $11,000 per student, while our cost per student are less than 2% of that. More importantly, we provide outstanding classes designed to teach our children the truth, rooted in Christ, and not in popular secular ideology.

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How we can help your family

We are returning the nexus of a child's education to the family. Our cooperative was founded by parents with over 150 years combined experience in homeschooling to help families educate their children. With this intention we created a community to educate our children and support families thinking about or currently teaching their children at home. At the same time we provide excellent classes to supplement homeschooling curriculum, we provide resources and recommendations to parents.

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